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Other Crystal Components

Crystal-Optical Flats


Please inquire for other crystal materials


Square, rectangular, round

Spectral Range



10 mm – 100 mm

Other Specifications

Surface, Flatness & Parallelism
depending on shape and size/thickness ratio

Plano Optical Crystal Components
We manufacture prismatic and cylindrical components from a variety of laser and non-linear crystals.  


Laser Crystals

Please inquire for other crystal materials

Non-Linear Crystals  

 Please inquire for other crystal materials

Prismatic Components
(e.g. Cubes, Slabs)

each linear dimension min. 2 mm

max. linear dimensions determined by crystal availability

Cylindrical Components
(Rods, Disks)

Diameter min. 2 mm for max. length of 20 mm

Diameter min. 3 mm for max. length of 50 mm

Diameter max. 15 mm

min. length/thickness 0.5 mm


≤ 20 arc sec.

Surface Quality

10-5 scratch-dig

Surface Flatness

/10 - /8 @ 633 nm over central 85%

Wavefront Distortion

depending on homogeneity of crystal material

We deliver uncoated and coated crystal components.

Please send us your request and specify material, dimension, orientation (when applicable) and coating